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New Westminster Horticultural Society Plant Sale


For the past few years NWHS has had a small(er) “Boulevard Plant Sale” in place of the traditionally massive endeavour of previous years. It’s a lot easier, of course, but still needs many hands on deck, both long before and on sale day. Sale date is Saturday, May 4th, 2019(the day before Mother’s Day), location:

  • New Westminster Secondary School, 
    in the Breezeway on 8 th Street across from the New West Bottle Depot

Planning has started in earnest. As with the BIG Plant Sale, the Boulevard sale is our main fund-raiser of the year. As Julia pointed out in her recent email newsletter: We, the club members, are the active participants, and the beneficiaries of the effort. We reap what we sell - let’s do it!

Plant-up Now::

With this amazing weather, it’s easy to get out in the garden. While cleaningup, plant-up as well. Plant divisions should be potted up at least 3 weeks before the sale to get roots established and top-growth presentable. If you haven’t started seeds, now is a good time. Don’t delay. Hopefully the weather will enable them to be hardened off outdoors before sale day. Incidentally, tomatoes are the most popular items on the tables, so more is better.


We have blank tags available (get some tonight at the in-house sale table). Please write as much information as you know and can fit on the tag. Sun exposure, size (height & spread), flower/fruit/foliage colour. Audrey has a catalogue of information for plants sold at the big sale. If you contact her, she can email you the info (including botanical name) of your plants. This is really easy for her to do—she might even be able to ID your plant, upon a bit of discussion. All plants must be tagged prior to arrival at the sale.

Planter Workshop:

This is something new we are trying this year. It will happen at 1pm, April 16. Since sale day is the day before Mother’s Day, it was thought that having some table-top sized planters available for purchase as gifts might be worthwhile. If you are interested in helping make these up (and learning a new skill in the process), let Janet Butts know. The number of attendees must be known in advance to ensure enough material is bought.

Plant Delivery:

Your potted and labelled plants must be delivered to the sale site at New Westminster Secondary School,  in the Breezeway on 8 th Street across from the New West Bottle Depot between 8 and 9:30am on Sale Day (Sat, May 4th, 2019) to enable pricing and sorting. Alternatively, if you can’t deliver Saturday morning, plants can be dropped off Friday evening between 5pm and 7pm—these plants must be taken to the back of the driveway!

Sale Day Opportunities:

Sign-up tonight to reserve your place to join the Sale Day Fun. We will be selling NWHS as well as selling plants. The sign-up sheet will either circulating the room or at the in-house plant sale table tonight. Shifts are 2 hours long. Sign-up to help with morning set-up, selling or afternoon take-down—or to stay all day. Janet Butts and Annemarie Mobach are sale-day overseers. They will gladly answer any questions. Alternatively, ask any of the fund-raising committee or executive members.

Contact Dan Tessaro at 604-563-3361 to Volunteer

Volunteering Sale Day: Sign up tonight to reserve your place to join in the sale day fun. We will be selling the club as well as selling plants. A sign- up sheet will be circulated tonight during business and then at the special plant sale area of the Bring to Share during refreshments. We are asking people to sign-up for one (or more) time slots: 8-10am for sorting & pricing; 10am-1pm for selling; 1-4pm for selling & take down. If you want to put up & take down the street signs, there’s a spot for that too. At this point, we plan to have water available for the volunteers—but no plans for consumable calories. Got a club T-shirt? This is a perfect time to flaunt your club affiliation. Obviously, if your plans change, Dan Tessaro would like to know. He’ll be too busy to confirm your promised attendance to volunteer so please call him

Arriving for your Shift Sale Day: Please check in with Dan Tessaro. He will confirm how you want to help and perhaps assign specific tasks. Not everybody will be collecting money but he wants to make sure that those who do get a fanny pack.

Boxes: Yes, we will need boxes. Please deliver them Saturday morning. Publicity: We don’t plan on doing the massive blitz that we did with the super sales but small posters are available tonight to distribute to friends and neighbours who are gardeners.

See you at the sale - May 7

Plant Sale Poster

Do you want to print this poster to distribute?
Click the link below for the poster setup to print 4 at a time or just a single poster:

Plant Sale Poster Single New Westminster Horticultural Society Plant Sale

Other Local Plant Sales

Listed below are just a few of the local plant sales. Please check our online calendar for more plant sales and gardening events.

April 18, 2015 9 am to 3 pm
Floral Hall at VanDusen Botanical Garden
5251 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC V6M 4H1
Free Admission

April 16, 2016 9 am to noon
Cedar Room of the Floral Hall at VanDusen Botanical Garden
5251 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC V6M 4H1

Sunday, April 26, 2015 10 am to 4 pm
VanDusen Botanical Gardens
5251 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC

More than 20,000 plants for sale, one day only – on the Great Lawn. Admission to the Garden is free for this one day.

A Growing Affair Plant Sale

May 7, 2016 10 am to 4 pm

6804 SW Marine Drive

Vancouver, BC

May 7, 2016 10 am to 1 pm
St. Clement's Anglican Church
3400 Institute Road
North Vancouver, BC
Cash only.

From Our Garden Plant Sale Table

The From Our Gardens Plant Sale table continues. I encourage members to donate to the table.

As of April 2013 we have added a new feature at our meetings.
This month marks the official debut of the “From Our Gardens” Sale Table.
“Mutual sharing of things horticultural” is fundamental to the existence of NWHS. There is no better way to support that basic club mission than for all of us to pot-up desirable plants from our gardens and bring them to sell to other members at the meetings.
At the same time, you will be helping to eliminate some of the budget deficit that resulted from the demise of our huge annual plant sale.
Someone asked: “What about good garden tools?” Gently used garden tools would be a great addition to the sale table.
Simple guidelines:

  • Pot-up desirable healthy plants from your garden.
  • Label each pot—a simple label will do.
  • Bring the plants (or tools) to Centennial Lodge early, before the start of the meeting. Deliver them to the person in charge of the sale table.
  • We will price the plants.
  • When you shop, be generous. Our prices are the suggested minimum.
  • There will be a clip-board for you to list any plants you plan to donate at future meetings. To enhance organization of the sale table, please utilize it.


7:30 pm Meeting begins - Club business
7:45 pm Tea/Refreshments
8:00 pm Draw
9:30 pm Meeting ends

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Our other events include the spring plant sale, the parlour show, a summer garden tour and picnic, bring-and-share, silent auction and year-end dinner.

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Monthly To Do List

It's March! Time to start planting, pruning and fertilizing. You will find a monthly list of gardening tips and "to dos" appropriate for every time of the year.

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No meeting in January; Members-only Silent Auction in October, Christmas Party in December. Regular meetings with a Speaker all other months.

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"If you are interested in gardening and horticulture, this is the club for you!"