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Planting Bare Root Roses

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To get the est results growing roses, we urge you to follow these important steps:

Bare Root Roses

Preparation of the Planting Site

Prepare the bed for planting before you expect ot receive your plants. Your rose bed should get a minimum of six hours of sunshine per day and have good drainage For poor soil, we recommend digging out the existing soil to a depth of sxteen to eighteen inches (40-45 cm), and relacing it with good top soil. Avoid adding commercial fertilizer until your plants are well established (6-12 months after planting).

Bare Root Roses

Care of Plants upon Arrival

Soak the whole plant in water for a few hours, but not for more than twenty-four hours. Plant as soon as possible even if there is a chance of frost. If it is not possible to plant the roses for longer periods it would be best to bury the plants in soil in a slanted position (45 angle), leaving only the tops visible.

Planting a Rose

Planting Bare Root Roses

Cut back tops of roses either before or right after planting to 5-6"(15-20 cm). Should any young soft sprouts have emerged during shipping, thes must be cut off because they will dehydrate the plant. Leave only a few sturdy canes; remove weaker canes and those that are too close together. Cut canes at a 45 angle about 1/4" above an outward facing bud, so taht new growth will develop up and away form the centre of the plant. Trim the tips ofteh roots very lightly.

For most roses, holes shold be two to three feet (60 - 90 cm) apart. A spacing of five to six feet (1.5m-2m) applies to Old Garden and climbing roses. Place your plants into the hole with the bud union one to two inches (2-4 cm) below ground level. In colder areas, pant tow to three inches (3-5 cm) below ground level. Spread out the roots and fill in soil to two-third and pack well. fill the hole with water and let it drain. (If after a few hours the hole has not drained, you will need to change the site of the rose, as good drainage is important.)

Planting Bare Root Roses

Then complete filling of the hole. Mound the soil up around the base of the new plant to prevent canes from drying out. De-hill the soil to normal level after 2-3 weeks or after new bud have started sprout.


Roses need good drainage to grow well, but they also need a lot of wwater druing the growing season; especially until the roots reach deep enough to provide sufficient moistrue. During dry spells plants should be thouroughly soaked one or two times a week. To hold moisture, during the summer, leave a slight depression aoround each rose plant.

For more information about careing for roses visit the Palatine Roses Website

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