Silent Auction

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Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Our Silent Auction always includes some real treasures. Thank you to everyone who donates. Also thank you to those of you who generously bid. This is an annual is a fundraiser for our club that takes place on the second Tuesday of October for members only. Enjoy the evening.

Auction Agenda:

  • Bidder number: Get your bidder number in the foyer. You will use it each time you place a bid.
  • Check out the items. If an item has a bidding slip, you can bid on it.
  • To place a bid: Write your bidder number on left side of the slip, your bid amount goes on the right.
  • The amount you can bid: If you are the first bidder, you can bid the “starting bid” amount. To increase a bid, you must increase it by at least 10¢. Or you can increase by 10¢ plus a multiple of 5¢, i.e. you can increase the bid by 10¢, 15¢, 20¢ etc. Of course, increasing by dollar amounts would be much appreciated.
  • There will be a 5 minute warning before the end of bidding.
  • When it is announced that bidding has ended, everyone leaves the bidding area while a group of members highlights each winning bid and its bidder number.
  • When signaled, everyone gathers up their won items. Double check that you are actually the final bidder.
  • When all your items are collected, go to a tallier to get the amounts totaled and then proceed to a cashier. You must submit all the bidding slips to the cashier.
  • If, at auction end, there are items for which no bid has been placed, you can buy them for the minimum bid. Your bidder number must be put on the slip.


  • Members only. No new memberships sold at the meeting.
  • No name tags or attendance sheet
  • No free table
  • No raffle
  • Newsletter will be at treasurer’s table
  • No library. Books can be returned at the podium
  • Refreshments will be set-up in the kitchen. Please be careful not to spill crumbs or liquid on the auction items

Guidlines for Donating

The anticipation builds:
what will be on the auction tables? There is always the unexpected. Hopefully something you will cherish and for which you will bid and bid again. The evening, besides being an excuse to clean out your attic/ cupboard/shed and being a major club fundraiser, is a great time to socialize. With minimal room for seating, a lot of mingling and people watching happens. It is great fun! The meeting is for NWHS club members only. No guests for the October meeting.

What you can donate:
Almost anything. Please no computer components. Nor anything fragrant. Also, unless it is very unique or specific, no clothing. If you have a large item, leave it at home. Bring a photo of it instead. Remember, people have to transport the item home. Very welcome are “Made at Home” preserves, baking, produce. Who can donate: Although bidding at the Silent Auction is for members only, anybody can donate.

Early drop off:
This is promoted because it makes the evening run much smoother--especially if you are donating a large number of items. Just a few items? Feel free to drop them off early too. This means you don’t have to lug them to the lodge and make up the bidding slips at the start of the auction. Please drop off your items to Audrey’s back (sheltered) kitchen door. Please add your name. Sometimes it’s hard to identify objects. Items dropped off early are pre-processed: the bidding slips are made up and the items are sorted as to type easing table set-up. Please, no items with residual fragrance dropped off at Audrey’s.

Bringing items to the meeting:
Check in at the receiving table (near the treasurer). There will be members willing to assist you in filling out bidding slips and placing your items in the appropriate location. Come early as a crush is anticipated.

The bidding slip:
Slips are available tonight for you to take home. Each item has its own bidding slip. Try to make your description unique to the item by including some identifying details such as the book title. If you have several identical items, designate them “A”, “B”, “C”...using masking tape.

Minimum (starting) bid:
This should be “a real deal”. The lowest bid for any item is 25¢. If you have several small items, bundle them together. It is not anticipated that any minimum bid will be lowered during the auction. You can specify the starting bid for your item—it definitely can be over the 25¢ but have the increased amount a multiple of 5¢. Also, if nobody bids for your item, you can take it home again at auction’s end. Leftover items will be donated to charity.

"If you are interested in gardening and horticulture, this is the club for you!"


7:00 pm Meeting begins - Club business
7:30 pm Tea/Refreshments
7:45 pm Draw
9:30 pm Meeting ends

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Plant Sale Table

We will have an in-club Plant Sale Table with plants & garden related items every month with exception of December.

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No meeting in January; Christmas Party in December. Regular meetings with a Speaker all other months.

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